A mix of honks and middle fingers: Protesters say they'll be back each Friday until election

September 16, 2018Montana

Protesters at Montana and Front streets say they'll be there each Friday until the November election.

“Grab ‘em by the ballot box.”

“Deny Trump, not climate change!”

These are some of the messages drivers and Safeway shoppers were greeted with on the corner of Montana and Front streets Friday night.

It won’t just be this Friday — it will be every Friday between 5 and 6 p.m. until the November elections, protester Norma Duffy said.

The four protesters present this Friday were Facebook friends hoping to jar people into consciousness, Duffy explained. They represent progressive groups like the Progressive Women of Butte, but they welcome other messages and motives that will encourage people to vote.

“We know all of these people have seen the news this week. Our goal is to encourage them to take the time to see what’s going on and to make a decision at the ballot box,” Duffy said. “We want to fill this entire parking lot.”

So far, the protesters have received both negative and positive feedback. A man yelled “F him up” as he drove past, referring to President Donald Trump. Another man jumped out of his car, yelling at the picketers, “You can’t disrespect our president!” They get a mix of honks and middle fingers, Duffy said.

Regardless, it’s just an hour every Friday until the election, Duffy says.

“We can go home at the end of each week and feel like we did something for our community.”

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