Show up for democracy: Naperville woman to protest every night at Riverwalk until mid-term election (Chicago Tribune)

July 20, 2018Chicago

Naperville resident Karen Peck knows what she’s doing from 6 to 7 every night until Nov. 6

Peck plans to be at the Naperville Riverwalk’s dandelion fountain with signs that say things like, “Reunite families now,” “45 traitor” and “Every child returned” for one hour every night until the mid-term election. She’s been doing it nightly since July 9 in an attempt to “show up for democracy” and “stand on every corner.”

“Show up for democracy every night is largely about education and encouragement to vote,” Peck said. “The visibility helps because people who aren’t already informed by the news or aren’t reading or keeping up, they do go out and live their lives and they’re walking by and seeing stuff.”

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