Demand democracy candlelight vigil (NCTV17)

July 20, 2018Naperville

Karen Peck’s evening routine of peaceful protest on the Naperville Riverwalk was a little different on July 18. That’s because she organized Naperville’s “Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy,” a nationwide candlelit vigil.

“For me it’s very important to live my values,” said Peck. “And my number one value as a Unitarian Universalist is the worth and dignity of all people. And this administration has proven again and again that they do not support policy for the worth and dignity of all people. And that’s why I do this, I need to live those values.”

Peck was joined by dozens of others with signs in hand, calling for an honest and transparent democracy, encouraging voting, and standing in protest of President Donald Trump’s performance at the recent Helsinki summit.

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