What is #StandOnEveryCorner?

#StandOnEveryCorner is a growing national movement of people coming together to hold regular, peaceful, family-friendly protests in their own neighborhoods.

The protests began on June 20, 2018 when one man, Bryce Tache in Minneapolis, went to his neighborhood park to demand the end of the Trump Administration’s family separation policy. He vowed to protest daily until Election Day - or longer.

Since #StandOnEveryCorner has grown, it’s become a stand by all of us to protect our democracy from corruption and treason. A stand to insist on the rule of law and honesty from elected officials. A stand not at your State Capitol, but in your own backyard. Not once every few months, but as often as you can.

This movement isn’t about left vs. right. Or blue vs. red. It’s about right vs. wrong. It‘s about standing up and speaking out for truth. Justice. Equality. Kindness. It’s about holding our elected representatives accountable. It’s about being there for each other.

Now it’s your turn. And it’s easy. Find a protest near you. If there isn’t one close by, claim a corner and protest on a schedule that’s convenient to you. Invite your friends and neighbors. Whatever you care about, make sure your voice is heard.

By the way, when we say “take a stand,” we mean metaphorically. People of all ages and abilities have participated. Many attend their protest from a chair, wheelchair or stroller. Every one of us makes a difference simply by our presence.

Make #StandOnEveryCorner your own. You‘ll feel empowered. Hopeful. Inspired. Because you’re making a difference.

All it takes is you and a corner.